3 Reasons to Make 2020 the Year of Masturbation

Woman licking her finger

Masturbation provides several health benefits.

From reduced stress, improved sleep, the release of natural endorphins to improve mood, and not to mention it feels AMAZING, masturbation is something every woman can benefit from.

As a company that sells sex toy boxes, mainstreaming masturbation is our mission. Over 50 percent of women have never orgasmed through intercourse alone, but when toys are added into the mix, the results are sensational. We believe every woman should know just how great an orgasm feels, which is why we’ve developed a line of sex toy boxes for occasions such as breakups, birthdays, the holidays, and more.

No matter the occasion, our sexually empowering boxes encourage women to let go of their inhibitions and forget the stigmas surrounding female sexuality and let their true self shine. Here are 3 reasons why we believe the new year, 2020, should be the year of masturbation:

Improve Your Self-Care

Today, self-care is more important than ever. Between all the stresses of work, finances, family, and life in general, our lives are more hectic than ever before. You deserve some downtime to reflect on the day and release some tension which is one of many reasons we believe masturbation is one of the key factors in improving your overall self-care. You deserve to be pampered and sexually satisfied if not daily, weekly.

Masturbating and achieving orgasm can release endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin, which helps create a natural high to improve your mood. Not only that but if you are one to constantly stress about your body image, masturbation helps you become more aware of your anatomy and builds more confidence in the way your body looks and feels.

Feels Amazing

People enjoy doing things that make them feel good. Masturbation accomplishes just that. IT FEELS GOOD! Masturbating helps release tension and stress from the body, leaving you to feel relaxed and satisfied. Why wouldn’t you do something that can make you feel good in the most euphoric way possible?

Something You Can Rely On

Do you struggle to keep your new year’s resolutions or sticking to goals? If that is you, masturbating is one new year’s resolution you can certainly stick to. Masturbating can be easily worked into any daily routine whether in the morning before work or to release the tensions of the day before bed or both! It’s time to start doing things that bring you joy and do not cause excess or unwanted stress. What better way to stick with a resolution than to do something that will leave you feeling satisfied all year long?

To help achieve your goals of improving your self-care while also exploring your sexual desires, Like A Kitten offers quarterly sex toy subscription boxes (beginning March 2020) as well as sexually empowering boxes for any occasion. Help us continue our mission in #mainstreamingmasturbation and shop our store to find the right box for you!