5 Reasons Why Libra is the Most Desirable Zodiac

Most Desirable Zodiac

Libra’s love to tip the scale every now and again, but in reality, balance is key for this air sign.

Libra’s love to tip the scale every now and again, but in reality, balance is key for this air sign. This zodiac is represented by ancient scales that perfectly express a Libra’s fixation on balance and harmony. Libra women are known for their magnetic aura and social spirit, but there are far more wonderful qualities that make this zodiac the most desirable.

#1 She’s a Giver

Give and take is a fundamental quality of any Libran. They aim to please everyone in their life from a random stranger to anyone who ends up in her bed. Sexually, Libra women strive to provide complete satisfaction, but do know, she’ll expect the same in return. It won’t matter whether or not she is on the receiving or the giving end of any sexual encounter, so long the exchange is fair and equal. You won’t see many Librans being in a submissive or dominant relationship as indelicate aggression is a huge turn-off.

#2 True Charmer

A Libran woman is a true charmer and friendly with almost anyone she meets. Her kindness, patience, and wittiness are a true testament to this air sign. Should a conflict arise, she will be more concerned with smoothing the situation over versus telling you to step off as her politeness and charisma can sometimes hinder her ability, to be honest or outspoken in certain situations.

#3 Free-Spirit

Many of us like to think we live a free-spirited life, but a Libran woman is a true vision of this trait. She has a deeper appreciation for certain aspects of life, knows what she stands for, and lives without fear holding her back.

#4 Suave Companion

We don’t know about you but being suave has to be one of the greatest qualities one can have. Between her wit, affection, open-mindedness, patience, and impartialness, Librans have the ability to work their way smoothly into any situation.

#5 Strong Sex Drive

We’ve saved the best for last! A Libran woman has a seriously strong sex drive and is always in pursuit of a confident lover to balance her out. Flattery through compliments can go a long way with this air sign. While sex is more mental than physical for a Libran woman, she’ll do everything in her power to ensure her partner is satisfied. Try reverse cowgirl or scissoring to give her just what she needs.

These five Libran qualities are tough to ignore and make this sign one of the most desirable. Gift the Libra in your life with a seductive birthday gift box that will be sure to unlock all of her amazing qualities. Shop the Libra Birthday Box!

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