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What is Fair Game when Traveling with Sex Toys?

Studies show that more people have sex while on vacation

Studies show that more people have sex while on vacation. Maybe it’s the mystery of travel that gets us in the mood. Or the exotic places and sense of adventure. Or better yet – the lack of everyday distractions  like children, laundry, dishes, and that pesky job. So why not bring along a few sex

16 Male Erogenous Zones to Explore Tonight

Man and woman in bed exploring male erogenous zones

Breaking news… The penis is not the only erogenous zone for men! HARD to believe right!??! Focusing on a man’s “other” zones (male erogenous zones) can take your bedroom time to pleasure time. We recently discussed the Ten Most Surprising Erogenous Zones for Women, and guess what! It’s time for the guys. In fact, men

Ten Most Surprising Erogenous Zones for Women

Image of Erogenous Zones for Women

If you first learned about erogenous zones from watching the TV show “Friends,” you’re not alone. Who can forget Monica sensually describing women’s seven basic erogenous zones, and Chandler being absolutely shocked learning that there are SEVEN! Step aside Chandler, because we have news for you: there actually could be many more than seven.  We

The Key to a Satisfying Sex Life? It May Be In the Stars

While this author hasn’t heard any pick-up lines

“What’s your sign?” is a retro and often cliched pick-up line from the 1970s that died with disco and bell bottoms, right? While this author hasn’t heard any pick-up lines in quite a while, astrological compatibility seems as though it is coming back with a vengeance. From quizzes about sexual chemistry to tips on how

Purr Louder with Sex Toys that Don’t Vibrate

Purr louder with Sex Toys that dont vibrate from Like a Kitten

Whether vibration isn’t your sensation, or you would just like to spice things up in the bedroom, there are plenty of toys to choose from that don’t vibrate. After all, a well-stocked toy box should include more than just vibrators. Curious? Check out these five types of non-vibrating toys, and consider adding a few to

6 Of Our Favorite Sex Toys For Couples

Let’s go back to the 90s… “Spice up your life, every boy and every girl.” Heck yeah! Maybe it dates us a bit, but the Spice Girls were on to something. Sex toys aren’t just for solo play. They can be for both males and females, hetero- and homo-sexual couples. Everyone can use a little