Lessons from Barbie

It’s just facts! Barbie has been all the rage this summer. This leads to the thought of what does Barbie represent? What is the message we can take from Barbie? Ok here’s the deal, you can take so many lessons from Barbie and if you are shaking your head right now, I’m just going to

Undercover Toys

Small, yet mighty! With the scorching weather lately, who wants to lug around a big purse? During this time of year, it’s all about the mantra of “less is more.” Opt for small, compact toys as the perfect accessory for your beach trips, road adventures with your girlfriends, or last-minute travels before the summer bids

Sizzling Summer Stories

Don’t blush to much! Welcome to our scorching blog where we turn up the heat and dive into another edition of sexy, steamy stories that will make you blush, giggle, and fan yourself in the sweltering summer sun.  From beachside rendezvous to steamy backyard BBQs, our collection of sexy, summer stories is guaranteed to make

Everyone is Welcome

Pride & Pleasure go together like PB&J We like to think about Like A Kitten as a community – and everyone is welcome in our community as we have established a judgment-free zone. In today’s world, we believe acceptance and understanding are essential; and it is crucial for businesses to create products for all individuals,

Evolution of Sex Toys

Believe it or not sex toys have been around for thousands of years! Longer than sliced bread 😉 Trust us when we say they have cum a long way. As we have been launching new product lines, we keep in mind the newest and best toys on the market. Some of the hottest toys on

V-Day Gift Guide

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s day can often feel redundant when it comes to gifts and ideas. The standard flowers and chocolates are a great staple, but where is the creativity? Valentine’s day can be much more than the sad single cliché or the same old date night. If you are looking