Evolution of Sex Toys

Believe it or not sex toys have been around for thousands of years! Longer than sliced bread 😉 Trust us when we say they have cum a long way. As we have been launching new product lines, we keep in mind the newest and best toys on the market. Some of the hottest toys on

V-Day Gift Guide

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s day can often feel redundant when it comes to gifts and ideas. The standard flowers and chocolates are a great staple, but where is the creativity? Valentine’s day can be much more than the sad single cliché or the same old date night. If you are looking

Talk Dirty to Me

Not your thing … let’s make it your thing. Whether Poison’s Talk Dirty to Me or Jason Derulo’s Talk Dirty is more your cup of tea, everyone needs to have a few phrases in their back pocket during “naughty time”. Studies show people who communicate during sexual encounters end up more satisfied than those who

Not All Lubes are Created Equal

Lube it Up! You’ve heard us say so many times, that everyone is different and every person will enjoy and get pleasure from something different. Personal lubricants fall under the same umbrella. Not all lube is created equal. That’s right, there are a variety of options for all occasions. Trust us when we say, using

Types of Sex

Mix and Match We are going back to the basics because let’s face it, sometimes we forget about the most simple things. More than 50% of women cannot reach orgasm by intercourse alone. Of course, we highly encourage toys to help you reach climax, yet there are numerous other forms of sex you can engage

Sexual Fantasies Exposed!

fantasies Mask!

A while back we shared a blog about your sexual bucket list and then did a couple of blogs about sex stories. This blog sort of combines the two!!! Sexual fantasies exposed! Find out if other people fantasize about the same thing you do … “During the busy season at work (I’m an accountant so