Sex Stories: The Good, the Bad, and the Juicy!

The following stories are a few of our favorites from our employees and friends. Enjoy! While in NYC I was visiting my friend in New York City for a week. One night she got called into work to help with an event. Since I was single and in my early twenties, I thought I would

Types of Orgasms … Wait, there are different types?

Woman orgasming on bed - Like a kitten

An orgasm is an orgasm, right? Technically, from a psychological standpoint, yes. But how it is achieved is very different. That is why professionals say there are many “types” of orgasms. Here’s the good news: there are several ways to have an orgasm. The bad news: some are harder to accomplish than others. But as

Butt Plugs & Anal Beads 101: Your butt will thank you!

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs or anal beads. Anal beads or butt plugs. That is the age-old question, isn’t it? Maybe not, but if you have ever wondered what the difference is between the two or would just like to learn more about them, this blog is for you! If you recall, the anus is an erogenous zone

Sex Positivity

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Most of our blogs are meant to help gain a better understanding of the different sex products on the market, ways to enhance your sexual experience, and creative approaches increase your excitement, but you might find this blog a little different. While our brand voice is normally fun and lighthearted, we want to take a

16 Male Erogenous Zones to Explore Tonight

Man and woman in bed exploring male erogenous zones

Breaking news… The penis is not the only erogenous zone for men! HARD to believe right!??! Focusing on a man’s “other” zones (male erogenous zones) can take your bedroom time to pleasure time. We recently discussed the Ten Most Surprising Erogenous Zones for Women, and guess what! It’s time for the guys. In fact, men

Purr Louder with Sex Toys that Don’t Vibrate

Sex Toys that Don’t Vibrate

Whether vibration isn’t your sensation, or you would just like to spice things up in the bedroom, there are plenty of toys to choose from that don’t vibrate. After all, a well-stocked toy box should include more than just vibrators. Curious? Check out these five types of non-vibrating toys, and consider adding a few to