Purr Louder with Sex Toys that Don’t Vibrate

Sex Toys that Don’t Vibrate

Whether vibration isn’t your sensation, or you would just like to spice things up in the bedroom, there are plenty of toys to choose from that don’t vibrate. After all, a well-stocked toy box should include more than just vibrators. Curious? Check out these five types of non-vibrating toys, and consider adding a few to

6 Of Our Favorite Sex Toys For Couples

6 of our favorite sex toys

Let’s go back to the 90s… “Spice up your life, every boy and every girl.” Heck yeah! Maybe it dates us a bit, but the Spice Girls were on to something. Sex toys aren’t just for solo play. They can be for both males and females, hetero- and homo-sexual couples. Everyone can use a little

Top 7 Modern Vibrator Types – Not Your Mother’s Vibe

Top 7 Modern Vibrator Types

Vibe. Battery Operated Boyfriend. Dildo. Bullet. Rabbit. No matter what you call it, say the word “vibrator” and most of us think of a penis-like buzzing thing that lives in the top drawer of our nightstand. And while a vibrator is a common type, there really are many types of sex toys on the market,

Seven Health Benefits of Tantric Masturbation

Tantric Masturbation

Tantric Sex. Hmmm. Sounds kinda familiar, right? Oh yeah, it’s that thing Sting does and it lasts for hours. Okay, I know many of you reading this don’t really know who Sting is, either. Let me try again. Netflix’s new docuseries “(Un)Well” delves into various subsets of the wellness industry, including tantric sex – slowed-down

8 Reasons Why Masturbation is Good for Your Health

Masturbation is Good for Your Health

Masturbation is Good for Your Health Female masturbation, believe it or not, is still somewhat of a taboo topic. Considering all the benefits, you would think societal norms would catch up versus holding back this intimate topic. Masturbation is a completely healthy and normal activity for both men and women to participate in and plays