Seven Health Benefits of Tantric Masturbation

Tantric Masturbation

Tantric Sex. Hmmm. Sounds kinda familiar, right? Oh yeah, it’s that thing Sting does and it lasts for hours. Okay, I know many of you reading this don’t really know who Sting is, either. Let me try again. Netflix’s new docuseries “(Un)Well” delves into various subsets of the wellness industry, including tantric sex – slowed-down

5 Reasons Sex Toys Can Improve Your Self-Care


Self-Care is Important When it comes to self-care, we believe this goes deeper than smoothie bowls, yoga class, or a good book. Self-care can come in many different forms, but we deem masturbation to be one of the most important factors for improving self-care. You may be wondering, “how does masturbating help me improve my

3 Reasons to Make 2020 the Year of Masturbation


Masturbation provides several health benefits. From reduced stress, improved sleep, the release of natural endorphins to improve mood, and not to mention it feels AMAZING, masturbation is something every woman can benefit from. As a company that sells sex toy boxes, mainstreaming masturbation is our mission. Over 50 percent of women have never orgasmed through

Love Subscription Boxes? Meet Your New Favorite!

Embrace Female Sexuality The subscription box craze has grown immensely over the last few years. With so many options available, you can get a subscription box for almost anything. From clothing, alcohol, jewelry, diapers, and more subscription boxes provide convenience and allow consumers to try products they may have never come across before. As a

5 Steamy Ways to Heat Up Your Summer

And just like that, Summer is officially here. This year especially, Summer snuck up on us as a majority of us have been quarantined inside our homes for the last 3 months due to COVID-19. As restrictions lift, and Summer begins, we have a few ideas you will want to consider ensuring you have one

5 Ways to Pass the Time While in Quarantine

For those of us who are in quarantine or distancing ourselves from others, we want to help give you a few ideas on how to pass the time and keep up with a healthy lifestyle. These are interesting times we now live in. The world has changed drastically in the matter of a few weeks