Taboo Topic

Types of Sex

Mix and Match We are going back to the basics because let’s face it, sometimes we forget about the most simple things. More than 50% of women cannot reach orgasm by intercourse alone. Of course, we highly encourage toys to help you reach climax, yet there are numerous other forms of sex you can engage

Sexual Fantasies Exposed!

fantasies Mask!

A while back we shared a blog about your sexual bucket list and then did a couple of blogs about sex stories. This blog sort of combines the two!!! Sexual fantasies exposed! Find out if other people fantasize about the same thing you do … “During the busy season at work (I’m an accountant so

Taboo Topic: BDSM

BDSM more common than you think.

While BDSM is rarely talked about it is more common than you think. Most people think of BDSM as whips, chains, leather clothing, and handcuffs, but it does not need to include any of these items as it is usually characterized as one partner taking control over another during sex. For starters, the letters BDSM