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How Millennial and Gen Z Tech Use is Promoting Sex Positivity

by Shae Annis

Co-Founder of Like a Kitten

The sex industry has always primarily revolved around women. Their bodies, faces, and personalities are the product. Yet for most of history, this industry has been controlled by men. This has led to men profiting from women’s bodies and work, female pron stars being screwed over, and female empowerment regarding sex being diminished. Younger generations, however, have changed things. In particularly, millennials and Gen Z have aided in reversing these trends through the way they use technology.

Millennials and Gen Z on Social Media

Social media has many downsides, but it is undeniable that, thanks to media platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, more people can now broadcast their views on a large scale. This has enabled exponentially more female voices tot\d be heard. Younger generations are also open about their feelings and opinions on social media, which has benefited the sex industry – both content creators and consumers.

Porn, OnlyFans, and Camming

With the advancements in social media, women in the porn industry are able to speak more openly about their experiences. Discussions about inequality spark outrage among younger people, for whom female empowerment and equal rights are hot topics of discussion. This has led to a large number of women in the sex industry turning towards controlling their own content through platforms such as OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is a media platform where anyone can create content. It is used mainly by people creating and consuming sexual content, though it hosts other genres as well. Each creator who uses OnlyFans can be fully in control of their image, what is being posted, their earnings, and more. This is a safe platform for people, and especially for women, to do what they love, and do it independently.

Along with OnlyFans, which typically contains prerecorded video and pictures, camming has become popular as well. Camming, or being a “cam girl”, involves livestreaming or speaking with customers over video chat. The cam girl oversees her own boundaries. Clients in this format can request specific acts, but it is the cam girls’ prerogative to determine if she want to perform them or not. This is a much more controlled environment for the girls in terms of reputation, income, and safety.

Not only have platforms such as OnlyFans and camming helped give women control over their own bodies again, but they have also helped with body positivity and empowerment. B3ecause anyone can make an OnlyFans account, without being screened or auditioned, we are now seeing women of every shape, size, and color. This reinforces the message that eroticism, sex, and beauty are not reserved only for those who fit the constrictive societal standards of the past.

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