Evolution of Sex Toys

Believe it or not sex toys have been around for thousands of years! Longer than sliced bread 😉 Trust us when we say they have cum a long way. As we have been launching new product lines, we keep in mind the newest and best toys on the market. Some of the hottest toys on the market right now are multifunctional. Who doesn’t want a bigger bang for your buck, right (pun intended). 

Dating all the way back to the late 1800s when a doctor accidentally invented a vibrator – it was used to massage women’s genitalia to calm nervousness. We can’t argue that the purpose of a vibrator today isn’t for improving health! It definitely improves our mental health.

The problem was it was not considered masturbation at the time, because it was believed (an eighteenth century tradition) that masturbation would cause aliments and then insanity. We don’t know about you but WITHOUT it, we would go  insane! By some, masturbation was thought of as a paralyzing evil. That is why Dr. John Kellogg actually invented corn flakes. At the time, they were a bland, no-sugar cereal thought to calm nerves which in turn would lower people’s desire to masturbate – which according to his beliefs was a cardinal sin.

Toys have come a long way from the original metal, corded, medical devices to the personal massagers of the ‘70s, technology has allowed us to create toys with multi motors, speeds, and vibration patterns.

Let’s visit some of our newest toys that go against everything Dr. Kellogg believed in – rebels!

SCREAMING SQUIRREL is a dual motor masturbator with suction and vibrational functions. The mouth of the squirrel suctions perfectly around sensitive areas such as the clitoris and nipple area. The tail of the squirrel is fully insertable while the curved design hits your G-spot flawlessly. The flexible and high-quality silicone material allows both the mouth and the tail to be used at once. 

MIGHTY MAGIC is a 3 in 1 vibrator, targeting the clitoris, G-spot, and anus. The main vibrator can be inserted vaginally while the sleek design hits the G-spot flawlessly. For additional pleasure, insert the sleek and comfortable anal beads and turn on the rabbit vibrator to target the clitoral area. Dual motors allow for all three to be used at once, or individually. 

LICK ‘N’ STICK is an insertable G-spot vibrator and an external flicker for the clitoral and nipple area. Insert the sleek base of the Lick ‘N’ Stick vibrator to target your G-spot. For external stimulation, the textured tongue of the Lick ‘N’ Stick character mimics the feeling of oral or finger play. Dual motors allow for both settings to be used at once or individually. 

SHELL YEAH is a wearable panty vibrator with remote control. The sleek shell shaped vibrator fits perfectly into undergarments, making it very discreet. The bottom groove of the shell hits the clitoris, while the tail of the shell can be used for anal stimulation. For partner use, the remote included can also control the 10 vibrational speeds of the Shell Yeah vibe. A quiet but powerful motor makes this toy perfect for a couple nights in or a cheeky night out!

The best part about the invention of the vibrator is that you don’t need to be in a relationship to experience pleasure. Toys help us accomplish this goal all on our own. And let’s face it, we need to let the clit do its only job – PLEASURE! Over the years, toys began focusing on this as the original vibrators only focused on internal stimulation or the G-Spot. 

Now, you will find all kinds of multifunction toys on the market, but ours truly are the best. Not biased at all. Buy one, try it out, leave an anonymous review, and get a coupon to try another. Just a little insider information to be able to buy the entire line at a discounted price! Due to the variety of the toys, you will want to try them all – start with the ones we just explored, and by the time you’ve tried all those, we will publish another blog going over another group from our newest collection.

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