Get Back to Basics with the Fall Box

Sex Toy Subscription

School is back in session with our latest sexy subscription box!

The Fall Box is a great reminder that we all need to start somewhere. Whether you’re a young woman experimenting with your body for the first time or a mature female looking to satisfy her libido, the Fall Box has something for everyone.

If you’re ready to receive an arousing sexual wellness box once per quarter, subscribe today! From seasonally themed boxes to unique gifts and sex toys, our quarterly subscription box is perfect for any woman looking to get more out of her sex life. Great for singles and couples!


The Fall Sex Toys Subscription Box is one of our most unique boxes to date. Let’s see what’s inside!

Sex Toys - Kegel Balls


Normally we would save the best for last, but we’re too excited to not highlight this product first! If you have never used Kegel balls, these may seem intimidating, but they provide so many great benefits. Kegel exercises can help improve your sexual health and pleasure by:

  • Relaxing your vaginal muscles, allowing your vagina to be more open. This is especially helpful if you have pain during intercourse, pelvic exams, or both.
  • Improving blood flow to your vagina and pelvic floor, helping to increase sexual arousal.
  • Making it easier to reach orgasm. Winning!
  • Increases vaginal lubrication, naturally.

Sex Toy


No subscription box is complete without one of our vibrating friends. This magic silver bullet was likely many women’s first vibrator and we don’t call it Old Reliable for nothing! Small and discreet enough for travel, you can take this handy vibe anywhere.

Sex Toys Subscription


Practicing safe sex is important and part of that means cleaning your toys and not being afraid to use lubricant when the occasion arises. After each use, the Hello Sexy Toy Cleaner is a great water-based formula you can use to keep your toys clean. It is also alcohol, glycerin, and paraben-free!

In addition to a toy cleaner, you’ll receive a 7-pack lubricant assortment pack. If you have been unsure about what lubricant is best for you, this selection will help! From silicone and water-based to arousal lubes, you can take your pick.



Each year, Like A Kitten travels across the world to a small, remote mountain village in Nepal. Here, we help to support education and women’s healthcare and empowerment, which is why a percentage of all LAK proceeds go to charities to support this initiative. This unique bracelet was made by some of these women in the village.

All bracelet proceeds from our Fall Box are given back to this wonderful community!

Little Book of Sex


Need we say more? Maybe not, but we will! This little black book features tales of history’s most noteworthy lovers, raunchy quotes, and arousing tips to get you in the mood. Not to mention, you’ll get a few helpful Kama Sutra ideas to get things sizzling.

“An orgasm a day keeps the worries away” – Little Book of Sex

You Are a F*cking Badass Coloring Book


Adults can color too! Take out your sexual aggression or suppression on this wonderful coloring book. You may have seen this in our Breakup Box, but we couldn’t pass up including it into our Back to Basics, Fall Subscription Box. Colored pencils and crayons included!