Lessons from Barbie

It’s just facts!

Barbie has been all the rage this summer. This leads to the thought of what does Barbie represent? What is the message we can take from Barbie? Ok here’s the deal, you can take so many lessons from Barbie and if you are shaking your head right now, I’m just going to tell you, you’re wrong. Sorry it’s just a fact! So let’s get into it.

Our society is in an ongoing sexual revolution. And it is a big revolution ranging from birth control access, the #Metoo Movement, or simply the normalization of telling your partner what feels good in the bedroom. The expression of female pleasure is still a taboo subject in our society and hello, it’s 2023 and that needs to change. 

Ruth Handler, the creator of Barbie, believed that a woman has choices and she can be anything she wants. And guess what, you have the choice when it comes to your own pleasure and what is best for your body. Who you are intimate with, who you go on dates with, what turns you on and you even have the right to express what is a major turn-off for you because let’s be real there are a lot of those! It’s just a fact, not everyone can be as good as your vibrator😉.

At Like A Kitten, our goal is to help women realize they have power and to own that power! Like a Kitten wants to erase the stigmas surrounding women’s pleasure and power and the Barbie movie is a great starting point for that. 

The Barbie movie can help us rethink the societal narrative that women should not express sexual pleasure, not educate themselves on the female body, and not openly talk about the complex aspects of femininity. And guess what, this narrative that we have been told about women’s pleasure, they are all beliefs that have predominantly been created by men! There is no law that says women can not enjoy sex, have a date with their vibrator, or simply talk openly about sexual pleasure. I mean hellooooo?!?!? 

After all, the slogan for Barbie, “You can be anything”, can be interpreted in so many ways. So let’s take control of our femininity and sexual pleasure and be a woman who expresses her pleasure however you want!

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