Not All Lubes are Created Equal

Lube it Up!

You’ve heard us say so many times, that everyone is different and every person will enjoy and get pleasure from something different. Personal lubricants fall under the same umbrella. Not all lube is created equal. That’s right, there are a variety of options for all occasions. Trust us when we say, using the wrong lube can be life-changing.

Did you know: oil-based lubes can break down condoms causing them to lose their effectiveness? Didn’t we say life-changing?!?! ??

Personal lubricants, a.k.a. lube, can reduce friction and aid in more enjoyable penetration. They can be used for all types of sex such as oral sex, intercourse, masturbation, anal sex, shower sex, and messages to name a few. Some lubes can cause discomfort and/or be unsafe for the user so feel free to bookmark this blog for future reference. 

Water-based: Pros – usually less sticky, works with any toys, easy to clean your sheets. Cons – may need to reapply due to the thinner consistency, and it washes off easily in the shower. 

Bonus tip: Something to be aware of with water-based lubricant is the main ingredient. If it contains glycerin, be aware this can cause yeast infection in those prone to bacteria.

Silicone-based: Pros – lasts longer, works excellent in the shower, good for those with sensitive skin as silicone is hypoallergenic (be aware of added flavors and fragrances as those are not). Cons – not great for silicone toys, and hard to clean up. 

Bonus tip: Because this lube is generally thicker and lasts longer, it is usually a better option for anal sex.

Oil-based: Pros – great for massages Cons: not great for condoms, can leave residue on bedding and/or body parts causing infections, and can cause irritation to those with sensitive skin or allergies since a lot of the main ingredients are seeds or nuts.

Bonus tip: these types usually have all the benefits of silicone lube, yet they are commonly made from natural products.

Stimulating (Warming/cooling/tingling): Pros –intensifies blood flow making orgasms even more enjoyable and doesn’t dry out quickly. Cons – a lot contains glycerin which is not friendly to sensitive skin, some warming lubricants can be overpowering, and add sensitivity to touch. 

Bonus tips: Test these types of lube on your forearm to test how your skin might react to the ingredients. Be careful with oral sex when using these lubes as you might feel the sensation on your lips and mouth. Be sure to read the directions and follow them closely. If the lube is not made for anal sex, don’t put it in your butt! Simple as that.

Closing Remarks

No one likes cold lube. A few options, put some in your hand and rub them together to warm your hands, or put the bottle in warm water for five minutes prior to use. Just remember, when in doubt H2O is the way to go!

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