The Heavenly Humpback Finger Bullet Vibrator

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THE HEAVENLY HUMPBACK provides a big punch in a compact and discreet fashion! This fun finger vibrator is sure to send you to a heavenly place! If you leave him out, he does a great job of being incognito – no one will know what secret powers he conceals behind his adorable, non-phallic design!

The Heavenly Humpback is perfect for clitoral and nipple stimulation, or anywhere you please. The sleek top of the whale along with the finger gripping fins, allow for great external pleasure.

Pair with your favorite stimulant or supplement for enhanced sensations!



  • Includes Custom Storage Box for Safe Keeping between Play
  • Discreet & Non-Phallic Design
  • Compact- Perfect for On-the-Go!
  • 10 Functions
  • ABS Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Self-Healing USB Charging
  • Maximum Application Time: 1 Hour


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Body Material: ABS silicone
Waterproof: Yes
Size: 58 X 32 X 46mm
Product Weight: 30g

Package Contents: Heavenly Humpback finger vibe, Self-healing USB charger, instruction manual

Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Rated Current: 130mA
Power Supply Mode: Self-healing USB charger
Maximum Application Time: 1 hour

Instruction Manual

3 reviews for The Heavenly Humpback Finger Bullet Vibrator

  1. FromAmazon

    Perfect for travel. Was looking for something small and this one is great. Has a ring on the bottom for easy holding since so small. -Dedra P.

  2. FromAmazon

    I recently had the opportunity to experience The Heavenly Humpback finger vibrator. This compact toy packs a significant punch, providing blissful sensations in a small, inconspicuous package. Its design is charmingly subtle, with an adorable aesthetic that wouldn’t give away its true purpose at a glance – perfect for those who prioritize privacy and discretion.

    The Heavenly Humpback excels in delivering targeted stimulation to pinpoint areas, making it a versatile addition to one’s collection. The design, featuring the sleek top of the whale and finger-gripping fins, is engineered for external pleasure, allowing for a delightful exploration of sensations across the body.

    However, no product is without its flaws. In the case of The Heavenly Humpback, its unique shape, while innovative, poses a slight challenge in terms of ergonomics. The adorable fins, intended to secure the device to the finger, fall a bit short when it comes to accommodating smaller fingers, which can make holding onto it during use somewhat tricky. This minor inconvenience might distract from the overall experience, especially in moments requiring precise control.

    Additionally, while the device boasts modern features, its charging mechanism feels a step behind; a magnetic charger would have been a much-appreciated addition, offering ease and enhancing the device’s durability by eliminating the need to penetrate the silicone skin with a charger.

    Overall, The Heavenly Humpback is a delightful, high-quality vibrator that offers both discretion and pleasure in a cute, non-phallic package. It’s a great choice for anyone looking to add a discreet yet powerful option to their pleasure toolkit. Despite its slight ergonomic and charging drawbacks, it’s a device that promises and delivers heavenly pleasure, meriting a solid four-star review. -Steve

  3. FromAmazon

    This thing is absolutely adorable! It sort of reminds me of those pencil toppers from back in the day. For its size, it’s actually quite decent for vibration. Now remember, this thing is tiny, so don’t expect miracles from it. It’s meant to be discreet and fun without the need for something loud and obnoxious. It’s pretty quiet, so you could definitely get away with some fun in less private areas with this. -Arctic Revolution

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