Kawaii Kiss Clit Flicker & Air Pulse Stimulator

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KAWAII KISS will win your heart and your most erotic spots! From it’s adorable eyes to it’s multi-function options, Kawaii Kiss will provide you the visual and physical stimulation you’ve been looking for! Kawaii Kiss gives the sweetest kisses and will keep you “cumming” back for more!

Kawaii Kiss is a 2-in-1 flicker & air pulse toy. The flicker, located on the bottom, is perfect for external stimulation, including clitoral and nipple play. The soft and flexible flicker mimics the feeling of oral or finger play, providing natural feeling pleasure. For a sweet kiss, the mouth of Kawaii Kiss is sure to hit all your sweet spots with it’s air pulse ability!

Pair with your favorite stimulant or supplement for enhanced sensations!




  • Includes Custom Storage Box for Safe Keeping between Play
  • Discreet & Non-Phallic Design
  • Perfect For for Partner Play or Solo Use
  • Pressure Wave Technology
  • Dual Motors- Independently Controlled
  • Air Pulse: 10 Functions
  • Flicker: 10 Functions
  • ABS Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Self Healing USB Charging
  • Maximum Application Time: 1 Hour
  • Compatible with Water-Based Lubricant


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Body Material: ABS silicone
Waterproof: Yes
Size: 83 X 64 X 89mm
Product Weight: 120g

Package Contents: Kawaii Kiss Clit Flicker & Air Pulse Stimulator, instruction manual, self-healing USB charger
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Rated Current: 300mA
Power Supply Mode: Self-healing USB charger
Maximum Application Time: One hour

Instruction Manual

2 reviews for Kawaii Kiss Clit Flicker & Air Pulse Stimulator

  1. FromAmazon

    The brand seems to be reputable and not some sketchy overseas brand. Toys are made of body safe silicone and not unsafe stuff like jelly, tpe, etc. So to start for the curious, yes I think this brand is actually safe/okay to buy.

    The presentation on this toy surprised me. The outside is very bright, professional and cute. The storage box is great quality and comes in handy for storing this toy, altho due to the looks of the toy you don’t exactly need to hide it.

    One thing I will note is that upon opening the toy and taking the first pictures, there was some black gunk on the toy, which I included a picture of. Could it be from the box? Not sure – it washed off and the toy smelled okay despite whatever it was.

    Onto the toy itself, the looks. Yes it is cute and unsuspecting. This is perfect if you’re wanting to take a toy along somewhere, like thru TSA at the airport and not be caught with something that’s more obviously an adult toy. It doesn’t exactly look like what it’s intended for at first glance.

    The toy is very soft. The silicone feels great, squishy and comfortable.

    Onto the usable portions of the toy. The motor is loud! If you have thin walls, be careful. I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I did find it to be on the louder side. As I used it, I thought it reminded me of a leaf blower noise. The vibration is much more intense than I expected. I’m not a big fan of vibration and have only used cheap vibrating toys in the past. I feel like this goes from high to even higher. The low setting is quite strong.

    The little tongue on the bottom, I didn’t find that to be really useful. Due to the toy’s shape, it was really hard to get the tongue in the right position to use it. After numerous tries, I just gave up and went to the sucker part. This is my first time with a toy like this (but not new to adult toys by any means!). I was expecting something gentle. Nope, this is like a jackhammer on the body part that Amazon won’t let me name. I mean the instant I turned it on, it’s like seeing stars. The stimulation was insane! If you want to instantly have a you-know-what, this toy is going to get you there. I’ve never felt direct stimulation quite like this. For me, this too was way too intense but if you’re into that, then come and get it! For the current price of only $20, it’s worth trying this out. -Ammit

  2. FromAmazon

    What a crazy fun device!
    The suction and flicking modes operate separately. The suction mode is the star of the show here, very effective in a compact package! -ItsMyOpinion

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