Mandelay Climax Control Gel 1 fl. oz.


Benzocaine genital desenitizer formulated to delay ejaculation. Directions for use: apply a small amount to the head and shaft of the penis 2 to 3 minutes before intercourse or use as directed by a phyisician. Wash off after intercourse. Prolong pleasure. Specially formulated for men to delay ejaculation and prolong sexual pleasure. Fast acting formula. Clear, lubricating benzocaine based gel that is safe, effective and starts working in 2-3 minutes. Latex condom safe. Safe to use with latex condoms. A little goes a long way. Easy to use, a small amount does the job. Partner satisfaction. Quick drying formula ensures no transfer to partners.


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Active ingredient 7.5% Benzocaine. Inactive ingredients Carbowax, Carbomer 974P.

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