Mighty Magic Clit, G-Spot & Anal Vibrator

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MIGHTY MAGIC is sure to hit all the right spots! Pull this multi-function toy out of the magic hat for a MIGHTY magical experience!

Mighty Magic is a 3-in-1 vibrator and personal massager, targeting the clitoris, G-spot, and P-spot. The vibrator can be inserted vaginally while the sleek design hits the G-spot flawlessly. For additional pleasure, insert the sleek and comfortable anal beads, position the rabbit ears on the clitoris and turn on the second motor for the ultimate experience!

Pair with your favorite stimulant or supplement for enhanced sensations!




  • Includes Custom Storage Box for Safe Keeping between Play
  • Multifunctional: G-Spot, P-Spot & Clitoral Stimulation
  • Perfect For for Partner Play or Solo Use
  • Dual Motors- Independently Controlled
  • Vibrator: 10 Functions
  • Anal Beads & Rabbit: 10 Functions
  • Flexible Design for Added Comfort
  • ABS Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Magnetic USB Charging
  • Maximum Application Time: 1 Hour
  • Compatible with Water-Based Lubricant


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Body Material: ABS Silicone
Waterproof: Yes
Size: 216 X 89 X 38mm
Product Weight: 200g

Package Contents: Mighty Magic vibrator, instruction manual, magnetic USB charger
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Rated Current: 500mA
Power Supply Mode: Magnetic USB charger
Maximum Application Time: One hour

Instruction Manual

3 reviews for Mighty Magic Clit, G-Spot & Anal Vibrator

  1. FromAmazon

    Well made toy, vibration modes are actually fairly nice on this one, rather than the usual worthless gimmick modes that aren’t worth using. It’s also nice that the two different motors can be controlled independently. Only minor issue is that one of the buttons was hard to press, and doesn’t always respond. – Jenson

  2. FromAmazon

    This has a nice vibe. It comes in a box with a view window. It’s great. It has a strong vibe and is waterproof. Magnetic charging is also great. Decent cord length for charge only. Pretty color and nice thickness. This item performs as well as expected. – PeachCat

  3. FromAmazon

    The Mighty Magic stands out as a formidable contender in a crowded market. This 3-in-1 vibrator and personal massager is ingeniously designed to target all three downstairs areas simultaneously, offering a comprehensive experience that is hard to match.

    The Mighty Magic is crafted from high-quality silicone, ensuring a smooth and comfortable encounter with every use. Its magnetic charger is a convenient feature, allowing for easy and efficient charging without the fuss of traditional charging ports. This design choice not only adds to the device’s sleek appearance but also enhances its overall usability.

    However, no product is without its flaws. A minor drawback of the Mighty Magic is the gold finish on the handle, which I’ve noticed begins to flake off the edges over time. While this is purely a cosmetic issue, it’s something to be aware of for those who take pride in the aesthetic of their personal devices.

    Operationally, the button that controls the main vibration pattern is somewhat difficult to press. This can be a slight inconvenience in the heat of the moment, especially since you need to shut off the device entirely to reset the vibration patterns. It’s a small hiccup in an otherwise seamless experience.

    On a more positive note, the backdoor beads are a standout feature, offering an exceptionally comfortable and pleasurable sensation that truly elevates the experience. Combined with the super strong vibrations, the Mighty Magic delivers on its promise of ultimate pleasure. The dual motors, with one dedicated to the rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation, ensure that every base is covered, from gentle to powerful depending on what you like.

    Despite the cosmetic issues with the gold finish, the Mighty Magic earns a solid five-star review. Its combination of thoughtful design, versatile functionality, and powerful performance make it a go-to for us. -Steve

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