Orcasm Remote Controlled Wearable Egg Vibrator

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ORCASM will have you dripping from excitement and leave you ‘wailing’ tears of pleasure! Take a dip (or dive!) with this whale and unlock all the pleasure this magnificent creature has to offer!

ORCASM is a waterproof remote-controlled wearable vibrating egg. This whale shaped egg provides internal and external stimulation. Wear the body of the whale vaginally to hit the G-Spot while the tail stimulates the clitoris, or turn it around to stimulate the perineum. It can also be worn anally to hit the P-Spot while the tail stimulates the clitoris or testicles! A wireless remote is included for couples play and has a 30+ ft. range! Pair with your favorite water-based lubricant or stimulant for added pleasure!

Pair with your favorite stimulant or supplement for enhanced sensations!




  • Includes Custom Storage Box for Safe Keeping between Play
  • Discreet & Non-Phallic Design
  • Perfect For for Partner Play or Solo Use
  • 30+ ft. Remote Control Range
  • Gender Friendly
  • 10 Functions
  • Flexible Tail for Added Comfort
  • ABS Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Self Healing USB Charging
  • Maximum Application Time: 1 Hour
  • Compatible with Water-Based Lubricant


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Body Material: ABS Silicone
Waterproof: Yes
Size: Egg: 90 X 53mm | Remote Control: 60 X 46mm
Product Weight: Egg: 60g | Remote Control: 20g

Package Contents: Orcasm vibrator, remote control, self-healing USB charger, instruction manual

Nominal Voltage: <3.7V
Rated Current: <220mA
Power Supply Mode: Self-healing USB charger
Maximum Application Time: one hour

Instruction Manual

2 reviews for Orcasm Remote Controlled Wearable Egg Vibrator

  1. FromAmazon

    Feels excellent. Funny name. This lil guy was a nice surprise in that it gets up there in the vibration intensity. Plenty of low settings for starting off, but more than enough modes to play with depending on how one’s feeling. The remote is nice and lightweight, and more importantly, SIMPLE. The vibration button toggles through the modes, the power button just stops the vibration. The power is seemingly only actually controlled on the device itself, so the remote ONLY controls the vibration during usage, which is actually super nice.

    As far as complaints go, it would’ve been nice to get a charging brick along with the cable. It’s not like it was an environmental concern, because this thing was absolutely loaded with unnecessary packaging and a storage box that I wish was a little more discreet and a little easier to tuck away. – Aimy

  2. FromAmazon

    An orca without ethical concerns! I have been hesitant to try out an insertable vibrator for several reasons – ability to hear noise from nearby, comfort, will it fall out. The Orcasm dispelled all of these concerns. Let’s start with the noise. Unless you have it on the highest setting in an absolutely quiet room, you very likely won’t hear it when it’s on. We tested it in a quiet room with both pants and briefs on over it, and on the highest setting you could kind of hear it. This makes me think that it’s very unlikely that if you wore it to a party or out to dinner that it would be heard. Now let’s move on to comfort. It wasn’t uncomfortable and after a little bit I barely noticed it. Honestly after the initial few minutes, it was more comfortable than wearing a tampon. This leads me to the last concern which is whether or not it will fall out. I wore it for about 20 minutes while completing a chore and it stayed securely in place the entire time. This makes me think that if you were at a party and maybe dancing and definitely out to dinner, it would stay put.

    Further highlights about this product include that it’s made out of a smoother silicone that cleans up easily, always a bonus when you’re done playing with toys. The remote can easily and discreetly fit in your partner’s pocket, so between that and the quiet volume of the vibrations themselves it works out well for being sneaky-sexy.

    Overall, I cannot think of a bad thing to say about this insertable vibrator. If you’re in the market for one, I definitely would say you should consider the Orcasm. It even has a catchy name. – Steve

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