Purr Louder with Sex Toys that Don’t Vibrate

Sex Toys that Don’t Vibrate

Whether vibration isn’t your sensation, or you would just like to spice things up in the bedroom, there are plenty of toys to choose from that don’t vibrate. After all, a well-stocked toy box should include more than just vibrators. Curious? Check out these five types of non-vibrating toys, and consider adding a few to your repertoire.

Butt Plug

Penetration Toys

If you are into penetration but not necessarily vibration, then dildos are a no-brainer. You can choose from natural-looking, colorful, or even clear crystal dildos for a firmer sensation. Target the type of penetration you enjoy with G-spot dildos, anal dildos, or double-dong dildos.

Do you favor your lover’s penis above all? Make a dildo of the real thing with an erection molding kit. Last but not least, don’t forget strap-ons – arguably the unsung heroes of sex toys! Strap-ons can be a great change of pace for couples because it gives you a chance to switch up who penetrates whom and where they are penetrated.

Additional penetration toys to consider are butt plugs and anal beads. Although these two often get confused for each other, they are meant for different types of pleasure. With butt plugs, the pleasure is from the feeling of fullness or heft and weight of the toy, while much of the sensation associated with anal beads is actually in the removal.

Babydoll Lingerie

Accessories You Can Wear

There are plenty of things that you can wear to make you feel super sexy for your special someone. Up your lingerie game with easy-access pieces, like open-cup or crotchless, or both! With a little browsing, you’ll find role-play lingerie, fetish wear, bustiers, hosiery, and garters. Feeling adventurous? Try edible undergarments for some extra-special intimacy.

Beyond lingerie, you can turn things up a notch by wearing collars, harnesses, nipple/clit clamps, handcuffs, or blindfolds. In fact, blindfolds might just be the sexiest thing you can bring into your bedroom! In addition to strengthening the bond with your partner and reducing inhibitions, being blindfolded gives your other senses more power to attend to the whims and fancies of your partner. When you can’t see what’s happening, all the sensations you feel, smell, or taste intensify and give you better sexual satisfaction.

Stripper Pole


It’s time to rearrange your toy closet for a few larger objects that can enhance your enjoyment of sex. Included in this category are sex pillows and furniture that support your or your partner’s body in ways that make different positions easier. Among the most common are sex wedges, ramps, mounts, and benches.

Another sex aid is the ever-popular sex swing. Like pillows and furniture, sex swings help to get into your favorite position easier. While sex swings come in different styles (some hang from the ceiling, some attach to the door, others are freestanding), their purpose is to allow you to work smarter – not harder – in the bedroom. With a sex swing, you will gain genital access in new positions without requiring you to be abnormally flexible. No one wants to pull a muscle during sexy time!

How could we forget a stripper pole? Perfect for couples who like to show off for each other, some styles of poles can be assembled in short order and stored away when not in use. (Pro Tip: Get the most out of your purchase by using your pole for exercise, too. There are many videos available for just that reason!) Also, many local communities offer pole dancing classes.

Lubes & Oils

Lubes & Oils

While recommended for use with sex toys, certain lubricants and oils themselves can be an unexpected addition! Consider using a lube that stimulates your and your partner’s genitals in ways that make them more sensitive. Or try flavored lubes for a sweeter playtime. Worried about exactly what ingredients you’re putting down there? Natural lubes have become popular in the past couple of years, though there’s a bit of debate as to what “natural lube” really means.

If you like getting artsy while getting down, you’ve got to give edible body paints a whirl. Bodypaint kits come in a variety of flavors and let your creative side shine. Another awesome way to get in the mood is with aromatherapy. But instead of lighting any old scented candle, try massage candles. Just light and watch as the candle wax melts into warm, soothing massage oil. Blow out, pour a little oil into your palm, and treat your lover to a transcendent erotic massage.



Sex games are an excellent way to have some lighthearted fun with your partner. Whether you’re a new couple or one that’s been together forever, sex games are almost guaranteed to be a good time. Unlike real games, there aren’t really any winners or losers. What are you waiting for?

Games can increase intimacy and pleasure by encouraging you to try new positions and techniques, role-playing, and communicating your fantasies. And while you can definitely buy sexy board and dice games, many bedroom games can be played without any additional purchases – call them DIY, if you will. Adult Truth or Dare is one to try tonight!

You can also get hot, bothered, and satisfied with online games and apps. (Who knew there was an app for that?) So go ahead, put on your naughty playlist and get ready for a game night like no other!

While vibrators are the most popular and known sex toys out there, don’t forget about these often forgotten yet amazing products! Lingerie, games, lubes, dildos, and wearables are just the tip of the iceberg. Remember what is underneath is usually twice the size of what is on-top 😉 Like A Kitten’s Purrrfect and Subscription Boxes are always filled with extra “toys” that don’t need to be charged or use batteries. Not sure where to start, let our expert kitten’s help!