Sexual Fantasies Exposed!

fantasies Mask!

A while back we shared a blog about your sexual bucket list and then did a couple of blogs about sex stories. This blog sort of combines the two!!! Sexual fantasies exposed! Find out if other people fantasize about the same thing you do …

“During the busy season at work (I’m an accountant so the spring is crazy), after a long day, we all go upstairs to the lounge and have one big orgy party. Thinking about releasing stress and having sex simultaneously turns me on every time.”  -Melissa, TX

“Being tied up for an entire day has been my fantasy for years. My boyfriend can come and go all day long and have his way with me. I need to beg for food and ask permission to use the bathroom. So hot!” -Kory, NV

“My husband and I have a threesome with our neighbor, a woman. After a while, he finds a seat in the corner of the room so that she and I can just enjoy each other’s company while he watches.” -3forMe, FL

“My dentist is drop-dead gorgeous. Every time I go in for a cleaning, I imagine him having his way with me right there in his chair. I always carve out time after my appointment to “relieve” myself.” -June, MN

“I have a fantasy to have my wife and I join a swingers group. I completely trust her and think it would be such a thrill.” -Jordan, WA

“Mine might be a little cliche, but I would love to have a one-night stand in a foreign country. So fun and exciting knowing I’ll never see him (or her) again!” -LaRae, VA

“My boyfriend has a twin brother and I often fantasize about having them take performing oral sex on me. I would love to see who does it better. Family first, right?” -Anonymous, MN

“My personal trainer tells me that we are going to work out in the pool today. It’s towards the end of the day, and upon coming down from the locker room with my swimsuit on, I realize, there is no suit needed. The lights go out and we have the wildest, wettest sex of my life. Maybe someday!” -Meghan, CA

“I am a very quiet, introverted person. And I would love nothing more than to dominate my boyfriend. Full leather, whips, chains – the whole get-up. He must do everything I say and exactly how I say it or he gets a time out!” -SweetNSexy, D.C.

“On a bench, in public, where everyone can watch. That’s it.” -Tori, FL

“My coworker walks in the building with a tight shirt, showing a ton of cleavage; a short skirt, showing lots of upper thighs; and definitely no panties. This always gets me going, but then she locks the door behind her and tells me I’ve been a naughty boy. From there she proceeds to punish me. Holy shit, I can blow my wad just thinking about it.” -Maurice, NV

“About once a week I dream about my roommate eating me out. We both have boyfriends, but there is just something about her that makes me think she could do it better than anyone else. The best part, we have a tendency to drink a little too much wine on the weekend, and I think I could convince her to make my dreams come true. Fingers crossed.” -Angel, MN

“I am sitting naked on the bedroom floor. He walks in leather pants and no shirt. At this point, I will do anything he says. It usually involves handcuffs, whips, nipple and clit clamps, and lots of spanking.” -4Luv, OR

“Talk dirty to me. Tell me everything you are going to do before you do it, while you are doing it, and what you want me to do! That’s sexy AF.” -Alex, IL

“Ever since COVID I can’t stop thinking about giving my boyfriend a blowjob while he is on a Zoom call with his coworkers. In my fantasy, sometimes he has to block the video, but the audio ALWAYS stays on!” -Jennifer, MN

Having sexual fantasies is completely normal yet different for everyone. Did any of these resonate with thoughts you’ve had? Or were you able to add some to your rotation that you hadn’t thought of before? We would love to add more to our toolbox, please tell us what gets you hot and bothered. 

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