Like a Kitten Subscriptions are created to inspire and influence the sexual goddess within. Each quarter you’ll receive a seasonally themed box that includes a variety of sexually empowering toys and gifts.

$200+ VALUE FOR ONLY $79 


Subscription Box


If your sign-up date is prior to the middle of the quarter, you will receive the current quarter’s box. If you sign up later than the middle of a quarter, we will ship your first box at the beginning of the next quarter.

Once enrolled in our subscription services you will be automatically billed $69 (see what we did there?) each quarter to receive your next Like A Kitten subscription box.



 Our subscription boxes will be shipped out on the 5th of each new quarter in discreetly designed boxes. No one will even guess there are sexually empowering gifts inside.

January, April, July, October

Cancel Anytime


You can cancel your subscription by contacting us at Please keep in mind that you need to cancel your subscription prior to the quarterly billing date. In 2021 these dates are January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st.


New Spring 2022 Box

Spring Subscription Box  


Our Spring Box has the ability to awaken all of your senses.

Each product in this box is designed to enhance your sexual experience with an array of fruit and floral scents and flavors. As you prepare for the day, insert the kegel balls to strengthen your vagina in anticipation of an exciting evening ahead - side note, we also recommend using them again during anal play for increased stimulation! Utilize the solid perfume early in the day to kick-start any sexual desires because both the sweet orange and super sage essential oils are known to enhance your libido.

After a long day, you need time for relaxing self-care. Excite your sense of smell by dropping a few of the melting rose petals into warm bath water to release the soft rose scent. After a long soak, set the mood for playtime by using the nipple arousal cream to give your nipples a gentle tingle before trying out the nipple suction set - which is perfect for teasing during foreplay.

Things are heating up, and the moment has come to experiment with some of our favorite items in this box ... the cheeky apple lube and the beautiful pink, glass dildo. The lube will provide an effortless glide for the dildo. For the cherry on top, add a drop of the ginger lychee arousal gel for an intense cooling effect and delicious ginger flavor.

As winter has come to an end, and things are awakening from their long slumber, we promise you will come alive with this stimulating box!


FALL 2021

Ride of Your Life


Hidden Treasure Spring Box


Hidden Treasure Spring Box


Fly Me to the Moon

FALL 2021

Get ready to go for the ride of your life with our Fall Subscription Box.

  • Purrs Like A Kitten Vibe
  • Feathered Nipple Clamps or Nibble Halos with Pink Gems
  • Wicked Aqua Heat Warming Gel or Screaming O Climax Cream
  • LAK Pink Insulated Tumbler
  • Apple Cider Tube
  • Stainless Steel Flower Anal Plug or Screaming O Color Pop Bullet Mini Vibe
  • Cat Eye Sunglasses or Mink Cat Ears
Past Subscription Box


Find Your Hidden Treasure

Explore Yourself this Summer

It's time to explore yourself. You don't need a partner with our HOT summer subscription box. Humans are curious creatures and deep down we all have hidden desires.

Summer Box Contents:

  • LAK Pleasure Hunter 3 Vibe Set
  • Black or White Satin LAK robe
  • Tickler Pendant or Feather Tickler
  • Heart Bath Bomb or Diamond Dust
  • Tickle You Fancy book or Legendary Ladies Book
  • Awaken Clitoral Arousal gel
  • CBD infused Naked Cookie Lip Butter
Past Subscription Box


Find Your Hidden Treasure

  • Hidden Treasure Vibrator
  • Sexy Handcuff Bracelets
  • Seductive Lingerie
  • Jeweled Breast Pasties
  • Überlube Travel Lube
  • Mini Flogger
  • Toy Cleaner
  • Magnifique Jewelry Collection
Past Subscription Box


Fly Me to the Moon!

Our winter box will rock your universe and send your mind and spirit to the moon! This box is full of goodies that are out of the world.

  • Fly Me to the Moon Vibe
  • Infused Hybrid Lube – OR – Bad Day Killer Clit Balm
  • Zodiac Embroidery – OR – Star Pasties
  • Bullet Bath Bomb
  • Phone Case Wallet
  • Celestial Water Massage Oil 4oz.
  • Mandala Sun & Moon Pocket Mirror
Past Subscription Box

My first subscription ever and I have to say that I am not disappointed! The ladies that run this company are fantastic!

Super cute packaging, and the variety of products is perfection!

Honestly, I’m so excited for the summer box!


Product Reviews & Unboxing


Build your own box!

Choose from dozens of toys, beauty products, lubes & cleaners, activities, accessories, and lingerie to complete your B.Y.O.B. You won’t be disappointed.

Valentine’s Day

This couple-focused gift box is sure to leave you weak in the knees as you succumb to all levels of pleasure from start to finish.

Purrs Like A Kitten

Rev your own engine with the Purrs Like A Kitten vibe. This waterproof vibrator is crafted from high-quality silicone, featuring three speeds and six patterns for a range of arousing possibilities.

Fly Me to the Moon vs. Hidden Treasure

Discover new depths or Blast off to the MOON! Comparison of these two, high-end, metal vibes.

Naughty or Nice?

No matter what list Santa designates for you this year, we believe it’s ok to be a little bit of both. Watch MJ and Bree unbox this special holiday treat!

Back to Basics

MJ and Bree from Keeping it Casual™ are back to school us on our Fall "Back to Basics" Box! The perfect sensual gift for fall, with a back to school vibe with a special focus on sexuality.

Pleasure Hunter

Feeling adventurous? Join MJ and Bree from Keeping it Casual™, out of Las Vegas, as they explore the intrigue behind the Pleasure Hunter.