Talk Dirty to Me

Not your thing … let’s make it your thing.

Whether Poison’s Talk Dirty to Me or Jason Derulo’s Talk Dirty is more your cup of tea, everyone needs to have a few phrases in their back pocket during “naughty time”.

Studies show people who communicate during sexual encounters end up more satisfied than those who do not. 

Here are the seven ways to master dirty talk with your partner.

Keep it SIMPLE: start by narrating what is either happening in the moment or what you want to happen. Confirm when things are going well and that you like what they are doing. 

Focus on them: giving compliments will get you a long way. This can be on their body, technique, smell, etc.

Find inspiration: whether your inspiration comes from erotic novels, R-rated movies, or suggestive podcasts, make sure it’s natural and fits your lifestyle.

Describe the five senses: tell them how they taste, explain how their smell turns you on, or what you want to see while they make you orgasm.

There are no stupid questions: at least not in the bedroom. Steve Carell might have been onto something in the 40-Year-Old Virgin when he only used questions to communicate in the book store. Ask your partner what they want. 

Give yourself a break: And don’t worry if it’s not easy at first or you say something that doesn’t come out the way you want. Sex should be fun – laugh and learn. 

Final Tip: communicate with your partner about words, phrases, or topics that might be a turn-off for them before you start. For example, some people might find the word “daddy” triggering. Or they are not into their private area having a nickname – stay away from Princess Sofia and lean towards Crawl the Warrior King 😉

One of our favorite things about dirty talk is that it stimulates the brain while stimulating the body and says “f*ck you” to the social norms of what language is acceptable. Being able to talk openly in the bedroom gives us a sense of freedom.

Honestly, the only reason people are uncomfortable with it is that they don’t do it enough. Practice makes perfect! It’s time for you to graduate from PG-13 and R to XXX. You got this.

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