Types of Orgasms … Wait, there are different types?

Woman orgasming on bed - Like a kitten

An orgasm is an orgasm, right?

Technically, from a psychological standpoint, yes. But how it is achieved is very different. That is why professionals say there are many “types” of orgasms.

Here’s the good news: there are several ways to have an orgasm. The bad news: some are harder to accomplish than others. But as the winter weather is approaching it might be a fun challenge during the cooler months to see if you can experience them all.

While it is easier for a person with a penis to have an orgasm, because a female’s erectile tissue spans over a larger surface, there are many more types of orgasms to be had.

To help wrap your head around the idea that there are multiple types of orgasms, let’s start with the definition. According to Sherry Ross, MD, CA-based ob-gyn, “an orgasm is a physical reflex that occurs when muscles tighten during sexual arousal and then relax through a series of rhythmic contractions.” Typically, the end of a male orgasm happens with ejaculation, a female ends with contractions. Maybe don’t think of them as types of orgasms, but ways to reach orgasm.


Let’s start with the “standard” or one of the easiest types of orgasm for most women – clitoral. And you guessed it, the best way to reach this one is masturbation. You know what feels the best! We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the number of different types of toys that can be used for a clitoral orgasm – bullets, suction, vibrators, and the list goes on. The possibilities are endless.

Vaginal or G-Spot

The one that a lot of women struggle with is the vaginal or G-Spot orgasm. These types are typically achieved through intercourse. If you struggle, try having your guy enter from behind allowing his penis to penetrate closer to the front wall of your vagina. If this still didn’t work for you, try inserting your middle finger towards your belly button and use the come-here motion. Once you have found the spot, try using a flexible or curved vibrator. The vibration will help reach climax.

Blended or Twin

Some say twins are good and some say, “no thank you.” When it comes to twin orgasms, no woman would say no, right? A blended or twin orgasm is just what it sounds like – both the clitoral and vaginal. This type has also been called the “giant” orgasm. A blended orgasm can be tricky as you need to be rubbing your clitoris during penetration. Don’t worry, there are some fun toys that can help – think rabbit!


Let’s not forget the nipples! A nipple orgasm shouldn’t be your primary focus, but when incorporated into sexual play it can be an added bonus. To aid in reaching this orgasm, concentrate just above the areola as it is the most sensitive. Use a circular motion towards the center. A partner might be able to help with their tongue or warm breath.


This next one might get you to the gym. It’s the coregasm caused by exercise. While it is not usually as intense as direct stimulation to your clitoris and vagina, it’s fun to experience while you are stuck working out. Think cardio then abs. Begin by increasing your heart rate, then move to crunches and leg raises. The exercise orgasm begins in your tummy and works its way to the lower region. Again, if you need something to take your mind off of working out, consider challenging yourself to a coregasm. This won’t be awkward in a crowded gym 😉


An anal orgasm is one you will want to know about. Both men AND women have highly sensitive nerves in their anus making this area a great one to focus on to create mind-blowing orgasms. Because the vagina and anus are so close and only connected with a thin tissue, if stimulated correctly you might be able to experience another blended orgasm. This time it is a vaginal and anal orgasm. A butt plug or anal beads can assist with this Big O.

Skin or Fission

The largest organ in your body is capable of producing an orgasm. A skin or fission orgasm is one of the most unpredictable. It is usually caused by music or a particular tone. The brain reacts to the change in pitch or chord causing the skin to get tingly. Studies have shown that classical music causes skin orgasms the most. Beethoven, here we cum [sic]!


Just when you thought we were out of orgasm types, here’s another one … are you ready for the unicorn of all orgasms? Try the cervical orgasm! All you need to do is stimulate the cervix or C-spot (towards the back and top of the uterus).

A little tip to help aid with this orgasm is to experiment just a few days before menstruation so that the cervix is at its largest and lowest – making it easier to reach. Start slow and give your body the opportunity to adjust to this deep sensation. So why is it the unicorn … a lot of times a cervical orgasm begins in the cervix and spreads throughout your whole body! It is known to be one of the most powerful types of orgasms. So you will definitely want to try this one on for size!!!


Orgasms can be categorized by the type of touch, body part it stimulates, and how large the sensation was; therefore, there are many “types” of orgasms. To keep it simple, we focused on these eight, but remember research suggests that different stimulation can cause orgasms to occur during sleep and fantasizing or through some of the other erogenous zones.

By now I’m sure your head is spinning, and you are thinking which ones will work for me. Pick a few and try them out, each one might feel a little different. In the end, we challenge you to see how many ways you can orgasm during your next sexual playtime. Happy exploring and may you be blessed with multiple types of orgasms!