Types of Sex

Mix and Match

We are going back to the basics because let’s face it, sometimes we forget about the most simple things. More than 50% of women cannot reach orgasm by intercourse alone. Of course, we highly encourage toys to help you reach climax, yet there are numerous other forms of sex you can engage in to aid in your journey to ultimate pleasure.

While these may seem obvious, most people toss them aside for straight-up intercourse. The purpose of this blog is to bring the types of sex that are usually forgotten to the forefront to help spice up your bedroom time! Think of sex types like a mix and match opportunity at the grocery store, you don’t have to get all of the same kind. Sample a few of each.

How many types of sex are there you may ask. To be honest, why would we want to put a number on it? There are countless ways to have sex. Here is a small sample to get your mind racing.

Masturbation – this is usually considered having sex with yourself or solo. We believe this is the most important type of sex because you don’t have to feel embarassed or ashamed to learn what feels the best for you. While we mentioned masturbation is typically alone, masturbating with your partner is becoming increasingly popular. Consider giving this a try during your next session together.

Toy Sex – as the name implies, this form of sex (which can be paired with any of the others) utilizes TOYS! And as you can see from our website (yes,  shameless plug) there is a wide range of toys. We have published various other blogs explaining the variety and different uses of toys. Side note: the use of toys are one of the most proven ways to climax!

Vaginal intercourse – ordinarily intercourse is when a penis (strap-ons and dildos are also included) is penetrated into a vagina. When people hear the word sex, their brain most commonly goes to intercourse. But as we’ve demonstrated here, there are a lot more options for sex. 

Foreplay – this involves touching the erogenous zones such as nipples, ears, feet, etc. Think of this as what you did when you first started dating aka first and second base. And while many think you need to graduate to intercourse and leave foreplay behind, most women are able to orgasm easier when foreplay is involved.

Oral Sex – mouth and genitals. Plain and simple. Oral sex has a lot of diverse names such as giving head, blow job, eating out, sixty-nine, and cunnilingus. Take your pick, but in the end, it is all oral sex. And ladies, might we suggest receiving before giving 😉 

Anal Sex – like vaginal intercourse, this also involves penetration, but with the anus vs. vagina. Because of this, no matter your gender, anyone can be the receiver of anal stimulation. It can involve the penetration of a penis, dildo, anal beads, fingers, etc. We won’t get into too much detail here as we have an entire blog devoted to butt play, yet we wanted to include it here so that you don’t forget to add it to your rotation of sex options. 

Virtual Sex – this option usually adds one of the other types such as masturbation (and toys) with the twist of technology. One of the benefits of virtual sex is it forces each partner to communicate. So even though you might live together, consider trying this option to communicate your needs and desires. 

Pick one and mix  it into your repertoire tonight! You might be surprised how well you can get off with just foreplay alone. Never doubt an oldie but a goodie. You might just meet your own expectations without having to fake it 😉

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