Undercover Toys

Small, yet mighty!

With the scorching weather lately, who wants to lug around a big purse? During this time of year, it’s all about the mantra of “less is more.” Opt for small, compact toys as the perfect accessory for your beach trips, road adventures with your girlfriends, or last-minute travels before the summer bids farewell. Nowadays, a wide range of toys, whether it’s a bullet, flicker, or suction type, are available in discreet, concealable options.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, toys have been continuously shrinking in size. And before you jump to conclusions, smaller doesn’t mean less powerful anymore. In fact, some of our favorite toys can now fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Our Natalie’s Toy Box line was curated with discretion in mind. Whether it’s designing the toy to be compact or ensuring it camouflages itself to look like anything but a sex toy, we’ve got you covered. Moreover, many of our products are incredibly quiet, allowing you to use them even during your Uber rides without a worry. Now, let us walk you through four of our exciting new offerings.

Cake Eater knows how to find your sweet spot! This delectable cupcake holds a delightful secret within! Satisfy your “sweet tooth” with this mouth watering treat! Cake Eater will have you drooling for all the right reasons. With its discreet appearance, you can confidently place it on your nightstand, and no one will suspect that it’s a magnetic rechargeable flicker stimulator. The soft tongue at the top of the cupcake flicks the spot for enhanced pleasure, taking your pleasure to new heights!

Heavenly Humpback delivers a big punch in a compact and discreet fashion! This playful finger vibrator is your ticket to a truly heavenly place!When you leave it out, its cleverly non-phallic design keeps it incognito, keeping its secret powers well hidden from prying eyes. Embrace the pleasure without anyone knowing the delightful surprise it holds!

Little Red is a compact bullet vibrator that packs an electrifying punch! She may look innocent, but do NOT let her fool you. Simply press her purse until her heart lights up, and she’ll ignite your world with pleasure! For added enjoyment, set her on a flat surface and watch her dance! And the best part? With her adorable charm, no one will suspect the delightful surprises she conceals in her basket…

Lucky Duck is the ultimate cool duck on the pond! If you have the chance to get your hands on this prize, you will be the lucky duck! Equipped with a powerful yet whisper-quiet motor, Lucky Duck ensures discreet playtime like no other. It’s so hushed that you can enjoy it even with others in the same room, as confirmed by extensive research! Embrace the pleasure and embrace your lucky streak with Lucky Duck!

At the core of our mission lies the aim to eliminate any sense of shame surrounding sex toys. We firmly believe that these toys can serve as a source of comfort for those who might otherwise feel awkward or uneasy. Our ultimate goal is to enable everyone to experience pleasure without any lingering shame or judgment.

Gone are the days of awkward encounters with roommates, parents, co-workers, and others. These toys offer an excellent solution for various situations, whether you’re traveling, living with friends or parents, or simply want to keep one discreetly tucked away in your purse, just in case 😉

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