V-Day Gift Guide

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s day can often feel redundant when it comes to gifts and ideas. The standard flowers and chocolates are a great staple, but where is the creativity? Valentine’s day can be much more than the sad single cliché or the same old date night. If you are looking to spice up your Valentine’s Day, this is the guide for you.

Girls night (Galentines day)

If you don’t have a significant other this Valentine’s Day, celebrate Galentines day with a group of your closest girlfriends. Planning fun activates to do with your other single friends on this holiday is the perfect way to forget about your loneliness! (JK. Well, maybe a little). Planning a cheeky gift exchange, a painting night with wine and Bob Ross videos, or even just gathering some friends and games for a night will surely improve your mood this V-day!

LAK’s gift ideas for the gals:

  • Matching robes for the group.
  • Cute gag gifts: body figure candle, grow a boyfriend kit, penis shaped pasta.
  • A fun game or activity.
  • Vibrator/toys: The Purrs Like a Kitten vibrator is great for the girls with an adorable cat shaped head that is purrfect for external stimulation, and its pink! (Shameless plug).
  • Spa items: Bullet bath bomb, massage oil candle, pheromone bath oil.


There are all kinds of Valentine’s Day alternatives for single women, but what about our single guys? When the societal standard for men on V-Day is to go out and pick up a partner for the night, it can be hard to navigate the holiday. While there is nothing wrong with going out on the town, here are a few more ideas!

Guys night

Just as girls have Galentines Day, there is no reason you can’t get together with a bunch of your bros on Valentines Day. Having a group over to make cocktails, watching a funny movie, or even catching up with your buddies over drinks and dinner. These can all be easily adjusted with specific activities and fun to cater to your specific group of friends.

LAK’s gift ideas for the guys:

  • Masturbators: eggs, strokers.
  • Pheromone cologne: Pheromone cologne blends with your natural scent to create a cologne that increases natural desire.
  • Cock ring: Cock rings trap the blood flow within your penis to intensify your orgasm.
  • Lube: Water-based lube is the best for use with toys and condoms.
  • Sexual Toolbox gift box: The new LAK Sexual Toolbox is a box for men, featuring many of the previously listed items and more! This box has everything you need for Valentine’s day.

Spice it up:

If you are looking to spice up your sex life this Valentine’s Day, we have chosen a few items to consider using with your partner. Depending on your current sex life, certain products may vary from simple to more extreme. For a slower start, a massage candle is a great way to add heat play into your night while still keeping a sensual vibe. For more “spicy” options, restraints such as handcuffs or bondage tape are great for intensifying your trust in your partner and your sexual experience with them.

LAK’s gift ideas for “spicing it up”

Sweet alternatives:

A few fun alternatives to the standard flowers, chocolates, sweets, etc. Enjoy!

  • Sex chocolates- herbal aphrodisiac (help increase sexual42 arousal, increase your performance and give you a long night of passion)
  • Edible body paint
  • Flavored lube & condoms: There are now much better options on the market when it comes to flavors and beneficial effects from certain lubes and condoms (Butter rum, Eucalyptus with tingling sensation, etc.) So much better than the cheap strawberry flavored gas station condom.
  • Blow job candy.
  • Cook them a suggestive yet hilarious dinner featuring penis or boob shaped pasta.
  • Flower petal pasties.

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