What is Fair Game when Traveling with Sex Toys?

Studies show that more people have sex while on vacation

Studies show that more people have sex while on vacation. Maybe it’s the mystery of travel that gets us in the mood. Or the exotic places and sense of adventure. Or better yet – the lack of everyday distractions  like children, laundry, dishes, and that pesky job. So why not bring along a few sex toys to make your trip a little more enjoyable?

But we’ve all heard THAT story. You know, the one of the friend of a friend who got pulled aside when going through TSA with her vibrator. Mortifying, right?

Worried about getting through security? Well we’re here to give you a few tips and tricks to remain undetected as you embark on your next adventure. TSA agents have seen literally everything, so your sex toys may not even earn a second glance when passing through the x-ray machine. But if setting off an alarm and standing red-faced while watching an agent handle your vibe gives you hives, read on. These seven tips will help make traveling with your toys stress-free.

1. Choose Wisely.

While it is perfectly legal to bring vibes and other toys through TSA, some could cause a ruckus while passing through security. For example, a silicone dildo probably wouldn’t cause concern, but a stainless steel piece could be considered dangerous and get confiscated.

A basic rule of thumb is if it resembles a weapon, leave it at home. Also consider leaving your
more expensive toys at home just in case. For example, dildos, handcuffs and pasties are allowed, but batons, whips and other BDSM gear that could be categorized as weapons are not.

Same goes with a toy with a large motor. These toys could ping the security system. It’s allowed, but just like your laptop, it would need to come out of the bag and into the bin. AWKWARD.
If you are concerned that your toy may trip the system, do your research. The TSA spells out which toys are and are not allowed in checked and carry-on bags on their “What Can I Bring” page.

2. Remove Batteries. But don’t forget them!

A suspicious buzzing sound in your carry-on luggage is enough for you to be pulled aside. If your toy requires batteries, it’s best to remove them and pack them along for when you arrive. If your toys are rechargeable, wear down the charge so they don’t accidentally turn on while traveling. But don’t forget to pack your charger. That would be bad … very bad!

3. Remember: Lube is a Liquid.

Yes, lube is a liquid, so it needs to be under 3.4 ounces and in a zipped baggie with your other
liquids. Lip gloss – check. Eye drops – check. Lube – got it!

4. Keep Toys Clean & Close.

In the event your bag does get questioned, knowing exactly where your toys are in your bag will make things go a lot smoother. Keep your toys close by and better yet – in a clear plastic bag for easy identification. The added protection will also keep your toys squeaky clean. Noone wants the TSA agent touching Bob!

5. Be Confident.

If you walk through TSA acting nervous or shady, they may read your behavior as suspicious and check your bags more thoroughly. Remember, if you get questioned, be honest and let them know it’s a sex toy or “personal device.” You are not the first or last person to travel with sex toys, and have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about.

6. Get Creative!

If you are nervous about bringing a certain toy, opt for something new! There are plenty of discreet toys to choose from, why not sample a few while you’re kicking back on vacay? Sounds heavenly to me!

7. Check It & Forget It.

Packing your toys in your checked luggage is also a great option. While you may have always dreamed of becoming a member of the Mile-High Club, it’s best to keep your toys packed away until you safely reach your destination anyway. Just remember to pack it with soft items like clothing to prevent damage.

8. Location. Location. Location.

The only reason not to travel with sex toys is if they are banned where you are traveling. Yes, in this day and age, there are still some parts of the world where your toys can’t go – including the Maldives, Thailand, Saudia Arabia, and India – so always do a little research before you pack.

Guess what… your vibrator is not the first or the last the TSA agent has seen that day! There is a short list of four-letter-words you can’t say on a plane – BOMB being one of them – but don’t worry, VIBE is not one of them.