What’s On Your Sex Bucket List?

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I’m sure most people have heard of the term “bucket list” – you know, the list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill, and life experiences you wish to experience before you die. But what about your sex life? What do you want to experience sexually before you die?

If you haven’t given the subject much thought, now is the time. The reason people make bucket lists aren’t because they think they are going to die soon – on the contrary, most make these lists so that they live intentionally. Defining the goals we still wish to achieve provides us with a sense of direction and makes it real. A sex bucket list is no different.

Think about it – if you never make a bucket list, you can get caught up in the flurry of day-to-day activities, and the old adage “I never got around to doing it” becomes your reality. We tend to think we have all the time in the world, but life is too short not to live life to the fullest. So come on, what have you fantasized about? Whether on your own or with a partner(s), a sex bucket list is a great way to get you out of your comfort zone and into living your best (sex) life. 

Don’t know where to start? Here are 10 ideas to get you thinking about your own sex bucket list.

1. Try ALL the Positions

This one is a no-brainer. Whether you think you will like most of them or not, give different positions a try, you may be surprised. Talk with your partner(s) to make sure they are up for a little adventure and then have some fun! Add a little playfulness with a sexy board, dice, or card game.

2. Add a Partner .. or Two … or Three

Having sex with more than one partner at a time is the subject of many fantasies. No matter what you’re used to, adding an additional partner (or two, or three …) can be an exhilarating experience. Speak with your partner(s) about this one – they, too, maybe having the same thought!

3. Sex in Public

We’ve all heard about the Mile High Club. Yes, it’s a cute name, but sex in an airplane bathroom doesn’t seem very fun – or even possible – to me. If having sex in a public place sounds exciting to you, put it on the list. The fear of getting caught creates a dangerous factor, which is attractive to many. But please don’t get arrested! Safer alternatives include having sex on a webcam or steal away at a party for some 1:1 time.

4. Try New Toys

Well, this one is close to our … hearts! Whether you have tried one type of toy or many, trying new toys alone or with your partner sounds like a fun and easy one to cross off the list. You may be surprised at the different types of toys available. If you are worried that your partner won’t be up for the challenge, shop with them. Researching the possibilities together will give you both ownership and create anticipation. (Pro Tip: Try our Pleasure Hunter with three unique vibes!)

5. Get a Little Kinky

Experimenting with BDSM doesn’t mean getting all Fifty Shades of Grey … but it could! Other ideas include trying light bondage, spanking, and blindfolding. Of course, make sure you communicate with your partner(s) and discuss boundaries before getting a little kinky.

6. Role-Playing

This one reminds me of when Rachel dressed up as Princess Leia for Ross on Friends and he saw his mother – okay, not sexy! But exploring a range of possible sexual scenarios through acting and imagination, aka role-playing, can help you lose your inhibitions and fulfill long-time fantasies for both you and your partner. Again, when trying something new in the bedroom, make sure you have a chat with your partner and set boundaries. Safewords are also a good idea.

7. Butt Play

Butt stuff can be fun if you do it the right way. If you’re hesitant, do some research first. Take things very slow, have lots of lube ready to use, and enjoy. Again, communication is key.

8. Food Play

Bringing food into the bedroom seems a little silly at first, but a lot of people enjoy it, so why not give it a try? Food play can elevate your senses and heighten your arousal during sex and foreplay. Don’t know where to start? Strawberries, cherries, chocolate, whip cream, honey, and champagne are among the most popular food play choices. The rest is up to you!

9. Out-of-the Ordinary Orgasm

You know the saying, any orgasm is a good orgasm. Okay, it’s not really a saying, I made that up. While this is mostly true, for your sex bucket list, try to have an orgasm in a different way. For example, try to have an orgasm by stimulating your nipples only. Or if you have a prostate, try to achieve the ever-satisfying P-Spot orgasm. Widening your horizons may just open your eyes to new possibilities.

10. Recreate your Favorite Movie Sex Scene

Who can forget Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis and that hot, steamy love scene in Top Gun? The music, the white sheets, THOSE ABS! If you have a favorite movie sex scene, go ahead and recreate it with your partner (or alone!) Add the soundtrack to your playlist and lose yourself for a while. Want to add more excitement? Set up a camera and make your very own sex tape that you can watch together later. You may not get an Oscar, but hopefully an O nonetheless!

The sky’s the limit (and we don’t just mean the mile high club) when it comes to creating your sexual bucket list. Give it some thought, discuss it with your partner (have them create one of their own and compare lists), and get to work. Nothing is more satisfying than being able to check something off your list – well maybe there are a few things more satisfying 😉